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Low-Level Laser Systems For You or Your Clinic

Besides regenerative therapy procedures and pain management, the weber medical devices are mainly used for topical and interstitial photodynamic therapy (PDT) in the treatment of nearly all cancers. The fiber optic interstitial laser treatment allows therapists to bring laser energy even into deep tumors (e.g. pancreatic cancer).

With the development of an injectable liposomal indocyanine green infusion weber medical recently opened a new dimension in PDT. In combination with deep penetrating infrared lasers, this substance produces strong photodynamic effects.

"Low-Level-Laser Therapy surely is an incredibly powerful method to contribute to the promotion of health and quality of life."

Dr. med. Dipl. chem. Hans-Michael Weber

Basic Principles of Low-Level-Laser Therapy

In comparison to surgical lasers (hard lasers), Low-Level-Lasers (also called soft or cold laser) utilize low-intensity irradiation to generate therapeutic effects instead of damaging tissue.

Through different endogenous chromophores, micro-biological structures can absorb the light energy in form of photons. Thereby, they trigger photophysical and photo-chemical events at various biological scales which eventually lead to various cellular effects, depending on the wavelength of the light, its power and the exposure time.

An example is the absorption within the mitochondrial respiratory chain that causes a signaling cascade resulting in an increase of cellular energy production (ATP) and a normalization of the membrane potential.

Low-Level-Laser Therapy is well-proven, side-effect-free and minimal- to non-invasive and therefore well tolerated by any patient.

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