EndoLight® Band

Retail: $1,750.00 USD

The EndoLight® Band is our newest device, created through many years of research and experience in laser therapy. Designed with the latest findings in LLLT science, it reliably helps to improve well-being – at home and on the go.

Power, Performance, and Design!

7 Laser diodes and 1 powerful LED

The EndoLight® is our laser watch 2.0. Unlike its predecessor, the Spectra Watch, it is completely equipped with true laser diodes. Only the yellow diode remains an LED. Another novelty of the EndoLight® is the addition of two powerful infrared diodes.

Performance you can feel

With power output of 35 mW per diode, this high-end model is 7x stronger than the Spectra Watch. This increase in power is felt while wearing the EndoLight® and you'll notice it heats up slightly, thus additionally stimulates microcirculation.

Ultra-sleek design

The EndoLight® convinces not only by its inner values: The lightweight and ergonomic design guarantees comfort while wearing the device.

Recharge. Relax. Recover – Well-being at the touch of a button

High quality

The sturdy aluminum structure and integrated lithium battery guarantee a long product life. Should you have reason for complaint, you are covered by the one-year warranty.
All materials are BPA-free.

Mode selection:

The Recharge mode (runner) activates the green, infrared and red diodes.
In Relax mode (Yoga), the blue, green and yellow diodes are active. Relax and let the colors work on you!
The heart symbolizes the Recover mode and activates all diodes simultaneously.

Easy handling

The EndoLight® operates using just three buttons. Place the band on your wrist and easily adjust the settings yourself according to your specific needs. Select a mode, an intensity and off you go!


Depending on your needs you can choose between 4 intensity levels (25/50/75 or 100 %).

To begin, start with level 1 or 2 and observe how you feel. After that you can increase.

Each program runs for 30 minutes. The EndoLight® switches off automatically after the time has elapsed with 3 short beeps.

To ensure proper use and protect your eyes from the laser light, we have included a safety mechanism: Only when the device comes close to your wrist will it turn on. Acoustic signals indicate when skin contact has been interrupted or the wearing session has ended.

Clinical observations

Contact us for observational data!

Technical properties

Power output: 8,75-35 mW/diode (Max. output: 280 mW in Recover mode)
The intensity can be determined by the user.
Arteria radialis placement contains:
2 x Red laser diodes (660 nm)
2 x Infrared laser diodes (808 nm)
Arteria ulnaris placement contains:
1 x Yellow LED (590 nm)
1 x Green laser diode (505 nm)
2 x Blue laser diodes (450 nm)

Energy source: Lithium battery 1,600mAh

Weight: 0.85 kg

Duration per session: 30 min. (Recommendation: 1 session/day)

The EndoLight® comes with a USB/data cable with US power adapter plug for charging, a handy storage box, a cleaning cloth, and a Quick Guide. In addition, you also get a shorter wristband to fit small wrists, as well as an adapter that prevents light from leaking out the sides.
This device, unlike its predecessor, does not have a port for any applicators (nose, ear, pad).

Make the most out of it with the perfectly coordinated dietary supplements

To achieve a photodynamic effect for the purpose of systemic PDT, it is ideal to combine the EndoLight® with the intake of light-sensitive substances such as UltraCur, UltraProtect or UltraDefense.