Book on Medical Low-Level Laser Therapy (2nd Edition)



Book on Medical Low-Level Laser Therapy (2nd Edition) 

Second revised edition

Besides scientific foundations of LLLT and the current state of clinical research this book contains various chapters on specific treatment techniques and protocols to  provide you with useful advice for clinical practice.

  • 10 chapters
  • 82 protocols
  • More than 300 illustrations
  • 10 guest articles
  • 717 pages


Foundations and basic knowledge of medical low-level laser therapy

External laser therapy and laserneedle acupuncture

Transcranial laser therapy

Interstitial and intraarticular laser therapy

Intravenous laser therapy

Photodynamic (tumor) therapy

Dermatology and skin rejuvenation

Weight loss (‘body contouring’)

Lasers and stem cell therapy

Detailed treatment protocols (general rules regarding intensity, choice of wavelength (color), treatment duration etc. as well as specific protocols for different indica tions)

Published by ISLA Research Group 

ISLA Research Group is recognized as a public charity and constitutes a subsidiary of the ISLA.

The International Society for Medical Laser Applications (ISLA), performs research in the field of medical laser therapy chaired by two of the world’s leading laser ex perts Dr. Michael Weber and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Litscher.

The non-profit research organization ISLA Research Group was founded by two graduates of the Master’s Program ‘International Development Studies’ – Robert Weber  and Martin Junggebauer – in October 2013. The organization aims to develop new treatment options for global infectious diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis. The ISLA Research Group strives to contribute to one of the most important challenges of our time – to create a fair global health system and thereby open new develo pment perspectives that are based on improved health care systems for less developed countries.

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