Laser Watches


Product highlights

  • High Wearing Comfort
  • Easy Handling
  • Multifunctional Use
  • Little Time Required: immediate and verifiable effects within minutes!
  • No Side Effects!

Spectra Laser Watch


The model Spectra combines all four colors: red, blue yellow and green.

Number of red diodes (650 nm): 11

Laser Watch (4)
Pad (3)
Ear Applicator (2)
Nose Applicator (2)

Number of blue diodes (450 nm): 5

Laser Watch (2)
Pad (3)

Number of yellow diodes (589 nm): 5

Laser Watch (2)
Pad (3)

Number of green diodes (589 nm): 5

Laser Watch (2)
Pad (3)

Output power: 2-5mW


High-quality materials
The solid jacket and the integrated lithium battery guarantee a long service life. Should you have reason for complaint, we grant a one-year guarantee.
Easy handling
Strap the watch to your wrist and choose your settings – according to your individual needs. There are only three buttons.
Clinical observations
Contact us for observational data!

In order to achieve photodynamic effects it is recommended to combine the Laser Watch with photosensible substances, such as UltraCur+Pro or PhotoActive+.


for area irradiation (pain management)
ear applicator
(e.g. tinnitus)
nasal applicator
(rhinitis, allergies, etc.).
Storage Box
For the nasal applicator and the ear applicator 5 sets of protective caps are included with delivery.
Charge the device with the provided USB power adapter.
After usage, keep the watch and the accessories safe in the handy storage boxes.